Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Phillipsburg is Relentless for Rural

A partnership between Kansas Sampler Foundation and the Kansas Department of Commerce has allowed our rural Kansas communities to be on the cutting edge of rural tourism.

Phillipsburg is not a newcomer to the rural tourism industry. Phillipsburg has promoted and encourage tourist to our small Kansas Community for years.

Since1929 Phillipsburg has been home to Kansas Biggest Rodeo. People from all across the world have congregated in our diminutive town of 2600 people and participated or engage in this experience. Visitors from all across the world enjoy the entertainment as well as the competition. In addition to the rodeo, this week is highlighted by our local 4-H County Fair and a parade held on "Rodeo" Saturday.

Carrying on the rodeo tradition, Discover Phillipsburg Main Street welcomes the Kansas High School Rodeo participates with a Come Horse Around Downtown experience the first Saturday in May. The high school participants and their families are shown rural Kansas hospitality by our local businesses and residents.

In addition, for the last 25 years individuals journeyed into Phillipsburg's quaint downtown square on the first Saturday in June to attend the Riverless Festival. This festival includes activities for all ages. The hometown atmosphere and lingering smell of homemade delights is a favorite among locals and guests alike.

These are just a few examples of events Phillipsburg is known for. Not only though do we offer the "explorer" remarkable events, we are bursting with Architecture, Art, Commerce, Cuisine Customs, Geography, History and People. So, we invite you to become "Relentless for Rural"and to Come....and Get Phillipsburg.